Hi everyone,

We are sorry to say that Alex Meraz will not be able to join us at Eternal Twilight 7!

He actually was at the airport last night about to get on his flight to come over when he received a phone call informing him that he was needed for filming the next day, (today), for a pilot that he had tested for earlier in the week.

Obviously we are all disappointed that Alex won’t be able to make the show but we are pleased his acting career is still strong and that he is still getting new parts that we will be able to enjoy on screen in the future.

Unfortunately with this news coming so late there is absolutely no time for us to be able to get a replacement guest in! We do want to do something for you all though that we hope will at least make up for things a bit and so we will be holding a group photo shoot on Saturday which will have Myanna, Bronson, BooBoo and Noel in it with you! This will be FREE to gold and silver ticket holders and Standard ticket holders will be able to purchase it if they would like to for the much reduced rate of £20.

We know this doesn’t replace Alex but we hope it will be a nice extra memento of the weekend for you!

We still have 4 fantastic other guests who are all really looking forward to having a lot of fun with you all. We also have something quite special, and different, for the Friday and Saturday night parties! We think you will all like!

Take care,


SOURCE via TME Reporter @SvetlanaFadeeva