We were the first to break the news to you yesterday (on Twitter) about this new photo of Alex Meraz from Troix Magazine.Who knew a laundry place could be so hot!

The Meraz Effect was the first to use the term “mesmerized” when speaking about Alex Meraz. It has caught on like wild fire, and now even a magazine is using it. Pretty stoked about that! Although…I’m sure they have never heard of our site and it’s just all in our head, LOL.

A second picture was posted on Twitter today with the following message “@TheAlexMeraz @LesleyBryceFoto Choke Me! Choke Me!”". Lucky girl!!

Can’t wait to see more photos from this shoot! Click on photos to view fullsize.

Thank you to The Meraz Effect team member @AlexsWolfGirl for the finds!